Examples Of Bad Website Design To Avoid

bad website design to AvoidWith the rising number of CMS or Content Management Systems or blog platforms on hand today, it looks rather easy to make or configure a website without any skill of HTML and programming. On the other hand, the ease of having a good understanding regarding the best website design software may aid you a lot. To help you more, here are a few of the many bad websites list design to avoid.

• Text and Background
The unsuited combination of color of text and background, dark background, or extremely small font sizes makes for extremely hard reading. Keep away from stylish fonts; rather, use a sans-serif font for the contents. Having the appropriate combination of color and good size of font will enhance usability of your website and make a huge effect on the browser experience.

• Communication Style
It’s nice to look intellectual, however the geek speaks or very intellectual postings will not be received by your visitors. Each web page must not be utilized for showing off your semantic prowess or technically-laiden lingo. The rule here is to communicate well with the audience in a simple to comprehend, grammatically sound as well as direct to the point. To avoid a bad designed websites, technical information must be present in the language level of your guests and visitors.

• Flash
Flash is indeed a bad website design to avoid when used in excess. Flash is useful as it keeps your website interactive, however, if it becomes too much, the website will start to appear unethical. You have no need for falling snowflakes and mouse trails as these have been passed since years ago.
The same way, there is no need for a splash page. Individual are always in a hurry to acquire the information which they need, therefore they will not stay on your website when they have to sit in a long introduction of what your business is about. There’s also such thing as having a website which is over optimized. There are websites which have all the keywords in italics and bold. These make the website hard to read.

• Frame
Web sites with frame is a good design according to some people. There used to be good reasons to have a site containing frame. On the other hand, today this is something that you should avoid. At this point in time, you can navigate globally as part of the website files, therefore there’s no more excuse to utilize frames. If you want to put in a third party form, choose a frame which is placed on the web page it has to be in. Never put frames on your whole website as it makes it impossible for search engine crawlers to go through it and for browses to bookmark the pages.

When you make your site, ensure that you to know if it works on different browsers, screens as well as browser versions. There are lots of options on browsers today. While a lot of people still use Internet Explorer, some decided to opt for Firefox.

• Graphics
Having pleasingly big graphics is just suitable for printed ads. Online, it is better to utilize easy to load graphics; therefore web pages are refreshed quickly. When you site cannot post information faster and no longer have you made your guests wait, the quicker your visitors will exit from your website never to return back.

• Templates and Navigation
Utilize templates so you will have reliable look and feel within your website. When your visitors need to reorient as well as re-learn the headers, navigation as well as footers for every web page, your visitors will ultimately get fed up and leave.

• Pop-ups
If extremely needed, do not use pop-ups. It is the single most annoying thing your visitor come across while browsing. Once visitors close the pop-up, they also close your web site, never to be irritated again.
A bad website design to avoid is so easy to spot. A lot of people are intuitively aware of these bad website design features. If you like a website which is pleasing to the eyes of the visitors, it is always advisable that you become aware of the traits of poor web design so you can prevent these designs if you have your own site. Follow these few pointers to aid you get started. There is also website design development software available that can aid you create a website that is intuitive, user-friendly as well as easy to use. All you have to do is to have time to make a proper research.